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Waste Reduction

The Problem
Mass overseas production encourages over ordering and uses outdated manufacturing techniques that create enormous amounts of waste.

Our Solution
Our 3D knitting machines reduce raw material wastage by 87%; cut and sew waste is typically 15% wastage and our machines create 2% waste. Our on-demand technology intelligently links supply with demand, dramatically reducing overproduction.

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Responsible Procurement

The Problem
Brands typically need to forecast their inventory investments 12 months in advance, which is both an environmental disaster and financially irresponsible.  Overproduction, driven by mass overseas production, spills over 10M tons of apparel  into landfills every year (EPA).  Inventory forecasting, necessitated by mass overseas production, creates incredible financial burden, leaving over 30% of apparel inventories unsold at the end of the year and 30% is sold at massive discounts.

Our Solution
Our solution is simple, we allow you to produce what you need, when you need it.  We do this by connecting 3D knitting machines with our proprietary software. With our On-demand service enjoy a MOQ of zero.  By connecting your Shopify store to our factory, we produce single orders for you and drop ship them to your end customers.  With our Just-in-time service, enjoy a low MOQ of 250pcs per style and quick turnaround times of 2-6 weeks.

Local American Jobs

The Problem
Mass overseas production facilities do not value human life.  They take advantage of people in poor countries and force them to work for incredibly low wages.

Our Solution
We value people. We take pride in employing the local community and supporting them with living wages, training them to learn advanced manufacturing techniques and encouraging them to embrace a spirt of craftsmanship.

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