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The Tailored Difference

The Brooklyn Factory

Brooklyn was once the hub of garment manufacturing, with almost one third of American workers in the garment trade. Not too long after the 1960's, overseas production became the new norm, where human labor and materials became cheap and cost-effective. Fast-forward to the 21st Century, we believe it's time to change the way clothing is produced and give a new meaning to Made in USA—the highest quality and most importantly, great American jobs.

Industry City Brooklyn Tailored Factory 3D Knitwear
3D Knit Sweater Machine Tailored Industry Brooklyn


Our innovative 3D knitting machines produce WHOLEGARMENT pieces that generates less than 1% excess material every time. Our flatbed machines provide a sustainable alternative to the industry standard cut & sew method, which is primarily labor oriented and with high amounts of waste. Our machines knit garments with an incredibly low defect rate, eliminating raw waste and fabric loss due to stable production.

On-Demand Production

We only knit a garment once someone orders it, meaning we never have stock or inventory. As a result, this means we can produce only what is needed when it is needed, with a short delivery time due to efficient knitting and reduced post production. It's our goal to redefine the way clothing is made with a forward-thinking, value driven supply chain.


Ravi, NJ


They are amazing! Fit and quality is consistent and comfortable. I would highly recommend them!

Monica, CA


The masks are great. Best thing is that they can be washed and worn over and over again!

Jeremiah, NY


My friends liked them so much that they've spread the word and had their friends purchase masks as well.