A Supply Chain To Be Proud Of.

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Seamless Design

No sewing, no seams, no stitches. A typical garment consists of separate sections that are sewn together to create one unified piece. Our innovative machines produce seamlessly knit men's and women's garments from world-class yarns, that truly feel like a second skin. From cashmere cardigans to cable knit sweaters—we've got designs for everyone.

Seamless Design Garment Manufacturing Tailored Industry 3D Knit
Tailored Industry Factory Finishing Black Garment Yarn

Supply Chain Revolution

Not only does our production method facilitate a faster and more ethical way to make knitwear, but it also renders lower costs for clothing brands who chose to create with us. We are tailoring a new generation of manufacturing right here in Brooklyn.

Simple Manufacturing

Tailored’s Cloud Manufacturing Platform helps remove the bottlenecks of the industry, such as outdated and lengthy lead times and the elimination of unused inventory that ends up in landfill—slicing carbon emissions and electrical usage.

3D Knitwear Manufacturing Brooklyn Tailored Industry Grey Cable Knit Sweater