The History of Knitting in Brooklyn

New York City was once a thriving area for garment manufacturing in the United States. The Borough of Brooklyn, specifically, specialized in knitwear manufacturing.

We are brining knitting back to Brooklyn, with a respect for the past and a keen focus on leveraging software to create a sustainable and efficient future.


From 1920-1960, Brooklyn was the epicenter of
knitwear manufacturing in the United States. The garment industry was a central component to the growth and identity of New York City, jam-packed with garment lofts, spin houses and show rooms. The industry was thriving.

However, in the early 1960’s, fast-fashion emerged into the US market at a dizzying speed, where consumers began favoring pace over product quality. As a result, many of the factories in Brooklyn all but closed up shop—until now. We are ushering a new era of the clothing industry, right here in Brooklyn.

Our roots in Brooklyn

Our inspiration derives from those who experienced Brooklyn’s manufacturing boom firsthand. We’re collaborating and learning from the factory owners who survived the downturn themselves—now we're working together to bring it back to life.

Our understated first space in the Brooklyn Army Terminal consisted of a mere four machines, 500 square feet in the back of another factory in the building. Since then, brands and consumers have discovered the value of 3D Knitting and we scaled fast, expanded our machine count and the factory continues growing to this date.

The factory as it is today

Today our factory in Industry City combines a harmonious blend of skill and expertise. We employ individuals with garment manufacturing expertise, who have worked in knitting factories, apparel factories, as fashion designers, machine programers, electricians, entrepreneurs, and the list goes on. Our team have their eyes set on one collective mission—to create a supply chain to be proud of.