Our goal is to make technical design simple. Select a style from our silhouette toolkit to jumpstart the process or submit a techpack to our development team.

How it works

  • 1 Browse our silhouette toolkit
  • 2 Purchase a style from our collection
  • 3 Approve for production
  • 4 Produce on-demand!

Browse our silhouette toolkit, which contains dozens of product templates, and review each product’s tech pack.

Add all the products you want to develop to your collection.

Once you approve the styles for production, you will receive your unique SKUs so you can start production!

Now you are ready to start production!

Design Tailored
Design Tailored
Design Tailored

How it works

  • 1 Submit a techpack
  • 2 Review & approve swatches
  • 3 Review 1st prototype
  • 4 Submit Adjustments & Proceed to 2nd Prototype
  • 5 Approve product for production
  • 6 Submit order requests
  • 7 Submit just-in-time production order

Submit a techpack to our development team and work with one of our account managers who will guide you through the development process.

Most developments start with swatch development. Review your swatches to approve tension and hand feel.

Once swatches are approved, our programming team will proceed to knit your first prototype.

After reviewing your first prototype, kindly submit your adjustment requests for our programming team to make your 2nd prototype, which is typically approved for SMS.

Approve your 2nd prototype for production and proceed to SMS order.

Submit TOP & SMS order requests.

Submit just-in-time production order (250pc minimum)

Submit Techpack
Submit Techpack 2
Submit Techpack 3
Design image
Design image
Design image
Design image


Discover the future of manufacturing. On-demand production precisely matches supply with demand, eliminating waste and maximizing efficiency. Great for the planet and even better for business.

How it works

  • 1 Connect your Shopify Store
  • 2 Launch your products
  • 3 We make and drop ship your orders
  • 4 Manage production

Connect your Shopify store to our factory by downloading the Tailored Industry On-demand app.

Select products from the partner portal to launch on your own website. On your Shopify backend, upload the unique Tailored Industry SKUs for each product.

Once you receive an order, Tailored 3D knits your products and drop-ships them to your end customer. your products can allow your customers to place orders to be fulfilled on-demand by Tailored.

Use our Partner Portal to view your open orders, monitor their status, and view our other available catalog styles.

On-Demand Tailored
On-Demand Tailored 2
On-Demand Tailored 3


Just-in-time gives you the inventory you need, when you need it - and nothing more. Stock a limited inventory, monitory sell through and rapidly replenish when you need. Just-in-time allows you to unlock lower prices, with reasonable minimum order quantities.

How it works

  • 1 Place an order
  • 2 Manage production
  • 3 Receive your bulk order fast

Use our Brand Partner Portal to place an order for products that are part of your collection.

Use our Partner Portal to view your open orders, monitor their status, and view our other available catalog styles.

We'll ship your bulk order so you can start selling!

Just-in-time image
Just-in-time image
Just-in-time image